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Ak Sunset
Ak sunset
Offshore Racing
Offshore racing Ak
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell Wn
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier Wn

Womens World Cycling _ Wellington
World Women's Cycling Wn 2005


Historical Photo Collections

We are putting together a Historical Collection of photos of New Zealand people, places and events. If you have or know someone who would like to share their photos with others, then please contact us below.

To contact us about photos click HERE and don't
forget to include your name and contact details.

Raw Camera Files

If you have old digital camera's and are unable
to view the photos saved onto your disks then contact us HERE and we may be able to HELP YOU. You will need to send us the photo files and we will email them back to you. Privacy is of the most importance to us no matter what the content is.



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Christmas photos from Clevedon, Auckland

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GigaPan Camera

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